I am…

I recently came to the realization that I am a self – made woman. It struck me with a multitude of emotions that I was not prepared for. I was surprised that it had never occurred to me that it was so. Advertisements

A place called home

For someone who was born and brought up in Bombay, my home for a long time was Dubai. You may ask me how that is. Well, my father lived and worked in Dubai, while my mother and I lived in Bombay. This arrangement suited my parents and gave me the opportunity to see new places!…

My escape, my solace

Every child suffers from the volcanic eruptions and residue of their parental relationships. I was no different. Every child finds a way to cope. Amid my many many unhealthy coping mechanisms,

The lady who reigned over my childhood

Almost every kid I grew up with has read her books. Every kid that I have seen grow up has been introduced to her books as well. She’s the kind of writer who is seemingly ageless. You could be 5 years old and the book might be read to you and I guarantee you, you…

What’s in a name?

When I thought of the name The Bewitched Bibliomaniac for my blog, my best friends said “That is so you!!!” To the ones that do not know me, you’d wonder why this name. So like it has been mentioned,