What’s in a name?

When I thought of the name The Bewitched Bibliomaniac for my blog, my best friends said “That is so you!!!” To the ones that do not know me, you’d wonder why this name.

So like it has been mentioned, Harry Potter has had a say in most of my important life decisions. Even my husband resembles Harry Potter, without the scar, at least that is my opinion! Therefore to have a name that represented this epic collection was a-no-great-shakes decision for me. The name had to have magic! It had to convey my madness about the fictional world. My ability/inability to leave a bookstore without buying books!

Therefore, as per habit, I started googling ‘fun blog names’, ‘creative blog names’, ‘harry potter blog names’. You can only imagine what came up. I then tried googling and looking up words that were related to Harry Potter, magic, writing and diary. This seemed to show up more results than my previous tactic.

For someone who takes an immense amount of time to come up with names that are in line with what I want to portray, I sure came up with The Bewitched Bibliomaniac instantly! In less that 12hours, with the help of all my googling efforts I had come up with a name that I loved! And one that my best friends liked!

And I found myself saying, “This is so me!!!!!!”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Reema says:

    Perfect name for the blog and – Yay! First post on the bestie’s birthday 😉


    1. Maitreyi says:

      Had not thought of that! 😀


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