When friends become family

My friends are my family. And like a family, we fight, we grow apart, we dis each other, but at the end of the day, when one of us calls the other, we are there. No matter how busy, how complicated our own lives are, we are there. I don’t know if many people can say this about their friends. I hope that they can. To have these friends is life saving.

At a time when I was alone, misguided by my life, my friends kept me afloat. They were the anchor to my boat that seemed to be sailing without any sails, without any direction. They anchored me, made me feel secure in my own skin and accepted my quirkiness. And believe me, there was a lot of quirkiness to accept! No one in my life has stood up for me in so many ways, so vehemently, so consistently, without asking for anything in return as my friends have. When I crumbled, they pieced me back together. And that is the true magnificence of this family that I have made over the years.

We would laugh and cry with each other. We would laugh at the curve balls life threw at us. We would cry together when one of us was going through things that were seemingly unspeakable. And after we had cried enough, we would laugh at our craziness and ourselves. And through it all, a bond was made. One that would serve a lifetime. No matter what life brings each one of us, the break ups, the job changes, the passing away of loved ones, the babies, the location changes and what not. We will call each other one day and we will be there. Like nothing has changed. Like no years have passed. Like we are still 18 years, sitting and sipping on a drink, still talking about things that seem unspeakable. Or we will just laugh at it all once again. And we will feel this unbreakable bond that no one can take away from us. That is untouchable, impervious to the others around us.

Because at the end of the day, we are what you call, friends for life.


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