And then there were none – Agatha Christie

“In the midst of life we are in death.”

 Have you ever read a book that left you feeling aghast? Or left you feeling electrified? Or just plain old stunned? Agatha Christie’s And then there were none is one such book.

The premise of the book is that 10 people, who are strangers for each other, are invited to Soldier Island, which is just off the coast of Devon, England. These guests have only one thing in common and that is that they all have a past, which seems beyond the scope of the law. They have all committed acts that may or may not have resulted in someone’s death. Before the weekend is over, all 10 of them will be dead. But if, everyone is dead, and if no one else is on the island, who is the real killer?

Agatha Christie is the Goddess of Mystery Writing. I have officially named her that and I will henceforth be calling her that as well! I have not read as many of her books as I would have ideally liked, but I have decided to rectify that in the coming year. (This also means I get to buy new books, which basically is a win – win).

If you have read her work before, you know what a brilliant word – seamstress she is. Her mystery writing skills are often compared to those of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mr. Poirot is often compared to Sherlock Holmes. I get the comparison. But it doesn’t matter to me because they both are so brilliant! Although they have distinct styles of writing, I do not think there is anyone who has come even remotely close to writing mysteries and thrillers like these two have! Now, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been knighted so he doesn’t need me to give him a title. But if I was going to give him one, he would most definitely be the God of Mystery Writing! Wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, And then there were none has been noted as one of her most popular thrillers and after reading it I can definitely see why. The book’s climax leaves you exasperated but the epilogue leaves you wide – eyed. As much as I would have liked to say, “Oh! I predicted that one!” I cannot. I truly did not see that one coming. Even though I suspected this person, the reason behind why they killed 10 people, is basically the reason why I took up psychology as a Major and my basic livelihood!

If you have not read it, I suggest you drop everything that you are doing RIGHT NOW (no excuses) and go read this one!


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