About Me

A psychologist, a reader and most recently a social entrepreneur.

Those are the words I believe the people who know me would use to describe me. So let me delve further into these descriptions and tell you something more about myself.

I’m a Counselling and Health Psychologist for the most part of the day. I’m have my own organisation that deals with mental health for caregivers of chronic health conditions and the stigma associated with mental health (named Adveka Foundation). When I’m not busy being a psychologist or an entrepreneur, you’d most likely find me with a book. It is almost impossible for me to enter a bookstore and leave without buying at least one book. I have had to be physically dragged out of them the few times that I have managed to leave without buying a book! Where others are shopping online for dresses, jewellery, gadgets, I will be going through books that I could possibly buy without getting yelled at!

My love affair with books started at a very young age. Being from a family of academicians (of various fields), I was expected to read at all times (not that I complained)!! I was asked to read and was read to newspapers, books, various health articles, anything and everything that a child of 6 -7 could get her hands on and understand. But I was instantly drawn to the fictional world where anything was possible. There were no limits in the fictional world! You could climb up a tree and reach pixie land or you could be solving mysteries with your magnifying glass! Who would really stop you from trying these things?

Enid Blyton remained an influence for the longest time, until I was introduced to mystery, thriller writers in my teens and J. K. Rowling. From then on, Harry Potter has remained an integral part of my life and my life decisions! Almost, everything important in my life, like my tattoo, has Harry Potter references.

I do not remember the time I started reading dark fiction authors such as Chuck Palahnuik, Gabriela Marques, Khaled Husseini, Haruki Murakami and a few others. But, they remain my all time favourites and have a great impact on my thinking. You will very often hear me say, “My soul is dark” because I relish the work done by these authors whereas very few seem to be able to digest it.

This blog is my homage to the work that I read. I am not a writer in any form and I hope someone out there finds it readable.

So here goes nothing……………


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