The Bewitched Bibliomaniac

A psychologist, a reader and most recently a social entrepreneur.

Those are the words I believe the people who know me would use to describe me. So let me delve further into these descriptions and tell you something more about myself.

I’m a Counselling and Health Psychologist for most part of the day. Currently, I’m in the middle of starting up my own organisation that will deal with mental health and its various facets (named Adveka Foundation). When I’m not busy being a psychologist or an entrepreneur, you’d most likely find me with a book. It is almost impossible for me to enter a bookstore and leave without buying at least one book. I have had to be physically dragged out of them the few times that I have managed to leave without buying a book! Where others are shopping online for dresses, jewellery, gadgets, I will be going through books that I could possibly buy without getting yelled at by my husband for buying yet another book that I need not have bought! But really, when has a book ever not needed to be bought??!!

So this blog is going to be about the various books I read and what they make me feel, think, the reactions they cause for me. Mind you, they are not book reviews! Im sure you will find plenty of those for the books you wish to read! Along with that, since I love traveling, I will be posting travel related posts as well! So watch out for those!